ACS Professional Education is always looking for great partners who can help support our mission of providing the highest quality education and training to professionals in the chemical and scientific industries.

The Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies

The Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies exists to combine many small meetings previously organized by the individual societies into one joint meeting that covers the whole field of Analytical Chemistry. Individual societies have representatives that sit on the Governing Board of the organization. Societies in the Federation include both United States societies and other international societies.


50 years in business, Waters is now one of largest companies in the analytical instruments industry, supporting scientists working in the world’s 100,000 laboratories. With a hard-earned reputation for applications expertise and post-sales support, Waters stands out among its peers and, year after year, is one of the best-performing companies in the industry.


Chromedia is a hybrid between a community, a Wiki and a regular publication: growing and developing like a Wiki, printable, peer reviewed by well-known experts in the field. Chromedia focuses on in depth info on analytical techniques, video presentations, and interactive animations, with very visible and ‘approachable’ contributors, attentive moderation and peer review to guarantee quality.

Axion Training Institute

Axion Training Institute offers the best Hands-On GC and HPLC courses available. Axion has provided scientific services to every major pharmaceutical, chemical and petroleum company in the US. We have also provided similar services to most of the larger government labs (FDA, FBI, DEA, USDA, CDC, etc.).

CoSMoS (The Conference on Small Molecule Science)

CoSMoS, in its 9th year, provides a unique, discussion-oriented opportunity for individuals looking for a conference dedicated to examining all aspects of small molecule analytical practices. Scientists and practitioners from all over the world exchange practical experiences and take away an enhanced understanding of diverse analytical applications and techniques. CoSMoS has earned the reputation of being a dynamic place to network with like-minded people from various scientific disciplines. Professional Education and CoSMoS are proud to jointly support informal knowledge transfer and sharing through professional engagement and interaction.