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Essential Green Chemistry Tools and Techniques for Pharmaceutical Scientists

Enhance your sustainability performance in discovering, developing and manufacturing medicines using green chemistry and engineering techniques honed over 11 years by leading pharmaceutical companies. In this course you will learn how to design a greener route, select the most appropriate reagents and solvents to minimize waste and maximize safety, choose sustainability metrics that make sense, and discover other cutting-edge technologies for streamlined synthetic approaches.

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Key Topics

  • Greener route design
  • Reagent and solvent selection
  • Sustainability metrics
  • Cutting-edge technologies for streamlined synthetic approaches


Green Chemistry enhances the mission of the pharmaceutical industry to discover and develop life-saving medicines.  By focusing on the sustainability of reagents, solvents, and synthetic routes, target molecules can be accessed much more efficiently. This approach allows active pharmaceutical ingredients to be accelerated through the pipeline to help patients more rapidly and improve overall R&D productivity.  Selection guides as well as efficiency metrics have been designed to better gauge how sustainable a synthetic route is and where improvements may be made to increase the efficiency further. By utilizing the tools generated by Green Chemistry practitioners, the pharmaceutical industry can conduct its work in a more responsible way, aligned with 21st century demands.

Who Should Attend

Synthetic Organic Chemists, especially from within the pharmaceutical industry; Students interested in the pharmaceutical industry


  • Understanding of modern approaches in pharmaceutical industry
  • ability to integrate sustainability principles into organic synthesis


  • Intro – What is Green Chemistry?
  • Organic Synthesis
  • Solvents – Smart & Green choices
  • Metrics – Measuring Greenness
  • Conclusion – Bringing it all together

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Wednesday, 1:30 – 4:30



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Standard 20.00 (Deposit) $100.00

About the Instructors

  • Dr. Ingrid Mergelsberg

    Is a Director in Process Chemistry at Merck, NJ and has more than 30 years of experience in chemical development of early and late stage projects in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

  • Dr. David Leahy

    Is a Principal Scientist in Chemical and Synthetic Development at Bristol-Myers Squibb with over 12 years of experience leading multidisciplinary preclinical to Phase 3 R&D projects.

  • Frank Roschangar, PhD MBA

    is a pharmaceutical process research director at Boehringer Ingelheim passionate about accelerating drug development and driving innovative green and sustainable chemistry.