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Improving Your Negotiating Skills

Do not rely on hit-or miss strategies and tactics or inadequate preparation if you expect to negotiate effectively with suppliers, vendors, customers and employees.

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Key Topics

  • Three-Stage Negotiation Process
  • Developing a Winning Strategy
  • Your Position vs. your Opponent’s Situation
  • Negotiating Objectives, Limits, and Bargaining Chips
  • Opening and Closing Negotiations
  • Proposing and Bargaining Tactics
  • Recognition of Negotiation Signals and Body Language
  • Obstacles to Successful Negotiations
  • “Win-Win” Attitude
  • Personal Action Plan for Success


Improving Your Negotiating Skills gives you the competitive edge in today’s business world.  It shows you how to find the right negotiating style for any situation…how to handle gimmicks and other non-productive strategies used by your opponent…how to manage your emotions and keep from being intimidated…how to build long-term relationships while maintaining your competitiveness.
In just one day, you will discover ways to be persistent without being pushy…tips on how to create the right compromise…methods that maximize the advantages of your negotiating position…and closing techniques that insure the agreement is implemented.

Who Should Attend

Recommended for technical directors, managers, lab heads, project leaders, scientists, engineers and other members of the technical staff.  All professionals working in industry, government and academia wanting powerful techniques for negotiating effectively with managers, employees, suppliers, vendors, customers and others.
Excellent for those on multidisciplinary project teams needing to negotiate internally with colleagues and for those responsible for developing external relationships with other important organizations.


  • Develop a Focused Strategy & Organized Negotiating Process
  • Build a Powerful Tool Chest for Planning & Executing Your Strategy
  • Learn by Participating in Exciting Role Plays & Interactive Group Activities
  • Gain Competence & Confidence in Pursuing Your Goals
  • Negotiate Effectively at Work & In Your Personal Life


  • The Negotiation Process: What It is and How It works
  • Researching the Negotiating Situation
  • Assessing Your Bargaining Power
  • Choosing the Best Strategy & Tactics
  • Creating Your Negotiating Plan
  • Opening the Negotiation
  • Questioning & Listening
  • Proposing & Bargaining
  • Reading & Using Signals
  • Utilizing Proven Negotiating Tactics
  • Closing & Agreeing
  • Carrying Out the Total Negotiation Process

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Course runs from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m

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About the Instructor

  • Dr. David E. Gootnick

    is Managing Partner and Director of DAVID GOOTNICK ASSOCIATES, a New York-based management consulting firm, specializing in leadership development of scientists and engineers within technical organizations.