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Bruce M. Winchell, J.D.

is licensed to practice law in Ohio, Tennessee, U.S. Patent Office and Canadian Patent Office. He is a Certified Licensing Professional. He has significant experience in Intellectual Property law in large companies and DOE National Laboratories. He has been teaching this topic on a regular basis since 2007. Bruce has worked as a lawyer for thirty two years for elements of Lockheed Martin Corporation. His assignments included: Senior Counsel at Sandia National Laboratories, operated by a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin Corporation under contract from DOE/NNSA; Director, Project Development & Business Assistance for Technology Ventures Corporation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation founded and funded by Lockheed Martin Corporation as part of the technology transfer program for Sandia National Laboratories; Assistant General Counsel to Lockheed Martin Corporation headquarters staff; General Patent Counsel at Oak Ridge National Laboratory while operated by a subsidiary of Martin Marietta Corporation; and Director, Patents, Legal and Technical Center Services for Master Builders division of Martin Marietta Corporation. Prior to that he worked as Assistant Secretary and Patent Counsel for Lamson & Sessions Company; Patent Counsel for Diamond Shamrock Corporation; and Associate at a large patent law firm.

He has numerous publications including articles in The National Journal of Technology Commercialization, Innovation Magazine, and more.

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