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Christopher E. Kohler, CCHO, LPG

is the Laboratory Safety Manager for Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. Mr. Kohler is a Certified Chemical Hygiene Officer with 15 years of experience as the University\’s Chemical Hygiene Officer providing oversight and guidance in occupational safety, chemical handling, chemical storage, environmental compliance, and safety training for over 1000 research and teaching laboratories. Mr Kohler and his staff provide services and guidance for numerous laboratory safety programs including inspections, training, safety equipment evaluation, fume hood testing, laboratory design, experimental protocol review, chemical leak detection, spill response, and management of controlled substances used in research.

Mr. Kohler began as a geologist working in an analytical geochemistry laboratory. After receiving his Masters of Science degree in geology he worked for the state geological survey before starting a career in environmental remediation cleaning up and restoring chemically contaminated environmental sites (including some EPA Superfund sites). All the projects were conducted in strict accordance with OSHA and EPA regulations and required the use of specific levels of personal protective equipment to protect workers from chemical hazards present on the sites. This education and experience resulted in an excellent foundation for managing chemical safety and compliance in laboratories.

He has been an instructor with the American Chemical Society since 2007.

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