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Dr. Alan M. Lyons

received a B.Sc. (hons) degree in chemistry from Brown University, Providence, RI and the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in polymer chemistry from Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY (now NYU-Poly). He was a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff with the research division of Bell Laboratories, Alcatel-Lucent and a founding member of Bell Labs Ireland, where he established the Thermal Management and Advanced Manufacturing Research Group. He joined the College of Staten Island and the Graduate School of the City University of New York, as a Professor in the Department of Chemistry in 2008.

Dr. Lyons is co-founder and CTO of ARL Designs LLC, a small business that develops high performance, low-cost superhydrophobic surfaces for applications including: anti-reflective coatings for glass; self-cleaning industrial and electronic materials; and medical devices. By tailoring the surface chemistry and topography, ARL Designs surfaces exhibit outstanding properties including abrasion resistance, optical transparency and/or self-cleaning abilities. ARL Designs has been awarded numerous grants including Phase I and Phase II awards from the National Science Foundation SBIR program. His area of interest is the interaction of chemical, mechanical and morphological properties of nanocomposites on their wetting, catalytic and heat transfer properties. Currently, his research projects include the synthesis and characterization of large-area low-cost superhydrophobic surfaces, the catalytic properties of nanoparticle embedded surfaces, printing and enzymatic degradation of polymers by polymer pen lithography and the fabrication of heat transfer surfaces including thermal interface materials and heat sinks.

Professor Lyons has authored over 40 refereed publications, and is the inventor of 33 patents issued by the U.S. Patent Office. He has been an instructor with the American Chemical Society for 5 years.

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