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Dr. Douglas Dudis

has broad experience in computational chemistry, with special expertise in quantum methods applied to organic materials for electronic, nonlinear optical applications, as well as energy technologies such as fuel cells, batteries and photovoltaics. His individual research efforts as well as the competence of his technical leadership have been key in guiding the research of others in the search for materials with improved or revolutionary nonlinear optical, electronic or structural properties. A core aspect of his work has been to apply and develop methods to allow computation of experimentally meaningful parameters, with a penchant for structure-property relationships. In addition to his computational research, he has extensive experimental experience in x-ray crystallographic analysis, organometallic chemistry, solid-state materials including intermetallic and high temperature compounds, and the synthesis and characterization of conjugated polymers and model compounds. His efforts have integrated theory and experiment since the late 1980’s. He received a PhD from Case Western Reserve University, was a Research Associate at Texas A&M University, did post-doctoral work at Ames National Laboratory – Iowa State University, and was a guest scientist at the University of Mons, Belgium. He has authored over 113 referred publications and given over 271 invited and contributed presentations.

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