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Dr. Joel R. Fried

is Professor and Chair of the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Louisville. Prior to his current position, he was Professor and Chair of the Department of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering at Florida State, Professor and Wright Brothers Endowed Chair in Nanomaterials at the University of Dayton, and Professor and Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering and a Dual Professor of Genome Sciences in the College of Medicine at the University of Cincinnati. He also has served as Director of the Polymer Research Center and was PI of a NSF-IGERT program on Biomedical Applications of Membrane Science and Technology. While at UC, Professor Fried mentored over 60 MS, PhD, and postdoctoral students and secured over $15 million in externally funded grant support. He continues to be associated with UC as Professor Emeritus and Fellow of the Graduate School. Professor Fried is also a Fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineering. Professor Fried received BS degrees in Biology and Chemical Engineering and a ME degree in Chemical Engineering from RPI as well as MS and PhD degrees in Polymer Science and Engineering from UMASS (Amherst). He has authored approximately 150 publications including a widely used textbook on Polymer Science and Technology (Prentice Hall, 3rd ed. 2014). A biography on Noble Laureate Paul Flory (John Paul Flory: A Life of Science), co-authored with Gary Patterson (Carnegie Mellon), James Mark (Cincinnati), and Do Yoon (Stanford), is scheduled to be published in August of 2015, by CRC Press. Two more textbooks are in preparations including Computational Chemistry and Molecular Simulations (Wiley, 2016) and Advanced Thermodynamics for Engineers (McGraw-Hill, 2017). He has served as Editor, Associate Editor, or as a member of the editorial boards of several journals including Polymer, the Journal of Polymer Engineering, Computational and Theoretical Polymer Science, The NAMS Quarterly, and Polymer Contents. His recent research activities have focused primarily on the transport of ions and small molecules in polymeric, biological, and biomimetic membranes.

Professor Fried is interested in polymer science and engineering, polymer blends and composites, transport in polymeric and biomimetic systems, polymer thermodynamics, and applications of computational chemistry and molecular simulations to the membrane transport of protons, ions, water, and other small molecules. He has been an instructor with the American Chemical Society since 2008.

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