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Dr Mahmood Sabahi

Research and Development executive with more than 22 years of experience in industrial
R & D and 10 years of experience in teaching and research in academia. Deep knowledge
of fundamentals and challenges of bringing new product ideas to development stage and
the dynamics and challenges of new product development and their commercialization.
Experienced in design, synthesis and scale-up, process development, and
commercialization of chemical products with expertise in structure-activity-performance
relationships. Champion and leader for the incorporation of green chemistry and
engineering principles in development of new products and processes and the utilization
of those principles for reduction of environmental impact of existing commercial
processes. Program leader for Life Cycle Inventory analysis of flame retardants. R&D
Leader for research in generic pharmaceutical and agricultural products, phenolic
antioxidants, curatives, flame retardants, UV initiators and amine promoters for
polymerization, photoinitiator-free prepolymers, and custom synthesis and
manufacturing. Excellent track record in establishing collaborative research programs
with academia and industrial partners and building relationships with leading research
institutions and scientists. Experienced in building, protecting, and defending Intellectual
Property with 29 US patents, 21 World Patents, and 15 publications in refereed journals.
Two more US patents approved to issue in 2013.

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