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Matthew Klee

Matthew S. Klee, Ph.D. is a recognized authority in the area of GC analysis and instrumentation. For 23 years at HP/Agilent he has been directly involved in the development and marketing of market-leading GC and GC/MSD instrumentation. Dr. Klee is a prolific inventor and author in various areas of separation science, chemometrics, and spectroscopy. He is the lead author of the monthly gas chromatography e-journal called GC Solutions (published by Separations Science) wherein he publishes articles on the practical use of GC. He also presents GC Master Classes internationally in collaboration with Separation Science. Dr. Klee’s most recent developments and interests center on method optimization, instrument development, Capillary Flow Technology, capillary column backflushing, multidimensional separations and in making the practice of gas chromatography more accessible and understandable to its many practitioners.

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