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Richard Partch

is a Senior University Professor in the Center for Advanced Materials Processing at Clarkson University. Professor Partch started his career as a synthetic medicinal/organic chemist focusing on sterically hindered porhyrins as hemoglobin mimics and steroid neurotransmitters. Influenced by colloid science he co-pioneered aerosol synthesis of inorganic and organic particles, and was among the first to apply organic chemistry to in situ surface modification of dispersed particles of many shapes, sizes and compositions for successful application to ceramic, composite, electronic, imaging, medicine and obscurant technologies. He has published over 70 original papers and holds several patents, and given invited/plenary presentations at international meetings. His popular 1-2 day Short Course on Particle Surface Modification has been offered at professional meetings and to industry. He is a frequent invited speaker on chemistry at high schools, State Science Teacher Conventions, and community service organizations.

Professor Partch was appointed a DuPont Teaching Fellow as a PhD student, is recipient as Assistant Professor of a National Academy of Science Research Fellowship and a Rotary Foundation Scholar Fellowship. At Clarkson he has received Outstanding Service Award, Distinguished Faculty Service Award, Computer Curriculum Development Award, and Distinguished Honors Faculty Award. He has for 40 years been active locally and nationally in ACS and Sigma Xi and has received the NNY ACS Section Distinguished Service Award and the Service Recognition Award by the Council of the ACS.

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