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Professional Education in Chemistry

The American Chemical Society offers a variety of resources for professional chemists to continue with their education. Our cutting-edge courses are offered both online and in-person around the country and are taught by highly respected industry and academic instructors.

ACS Short Courses

Short courses are presented seminar-style, over anywhere from 1 to 5 days, and are taught by professionals who are excellent teachers as well as scientists. Courses are offered in convenient locations around the country.

ACS Online Courses

Online courses are live, instructor-led courses that meet online over a period of weeks. With small class sizes and expert instruction, ACS Webcasts give you the opportunity to address your unique challenges and learn at your pace.

ACS OnDemand Courses

On-Demand courses are shorter and more focused online courses on a particular topic area in depth. You have access to play the lecture at your convenience anytime during a 7-day access period.

On-Site Training

ACS Courses can even be scheduled for on-site presentation at your company or organization. The course content can be customized to meet the needs of the sponsoring organization.


The Sci-Mind™ is a scientific learning community for customized training designed for the industry professional working in the global ‘chemistry enterprise’.  It is not only relevant for the bench chemist but also for the established lab manager or program director.