Due to increasing environmental concerns related to consumer products, and the demand for novel materials with sophisticated properties in the medical industry, the global biopolymers market has been rapidly growing. Even the considerably developed market segments such as starch-based and Poly(Lactic Acid) (PLA) are poised for higher growth due to the increasing demand and the technological advancement made in terms of its production and enhancing properties.

This highly interactive cohort will explore the science and business of Biopolymers. Top academic and industry experts in the fields of commodity plastics, medical applications, and additives, will provide you with a global view of the most current issues surrounding biopolymer science and business development, as well as with a detailed understanding of the most relevant chemistry processes.

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April 7 - 28

Introduction to Biopolymers

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Who Should Attend

In this beta session, we are very interested in ensuring that we have representation of our key customer profiles.  These include:

  • Early to mid-career polymer chemists currently working in a traditional plastics field or food science.
  • Early to mid-career organic chemists currently working in development of healthcare related products
  • Mid-career chemist currently working with biopolymers
  • Early to mid-career chemist, food scientist, or biochemist currently working with polymers, but not working with biopolymers (in other words, having little experience in this field)

If you fall into one of these profiles, the Beta cohort could be available to you at a significant price reduction!

Spotlight on: Content Topics

This cohort will cover such intriguing topics as scientific and business issues surrounding bio-based versus petroleum based polymers, biodegradability, explore a variety of synthesis processes, production options, scale-up, real-world applications and product lifecycle. Issues related to green chemistry, global regulation, and effects on human health and ecology will be explored. The "who is who" in the Biopolymers industry and research will be presented.

  • Gain knowledge of scientific implications bio-based polymers vs. biodegradable polymers and examine their benefits/drawbacks
  • Examine differences and similarities of biopolymer issues in medical and commodities industry applications
  • Explore biopolymer synthesis and polymerization processes
  • Obtain an overview of standards and regulations for biodegradability
  • Understand issues related to sustainable practices for growing, collecting and processing bio feedstock
  • Learn about optimizing biopolymer specific production issues such as fermentation and bio-specific catalysis processes,
  • Explore the issues related to energy use and carbon footprint
  • Gain a better understanding of material and physical properties of polymer molecules
  • Learn about the current problems and their solutions, associated with obtaining novel biopolymer materials with unique and sophisticated properties
  • Examine the issues related to biocompatibility

Meet our Experts

We couldn't be more thrilled with the amazing support and enthusiasm we've received from professionals all over the scientific community. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are a critical part of the Sci-Mind™ experience and educational model. Ranging from a span of industrial sectors, they provide insight and guidance during content development, but also offer years of expertise via informal interaction within the community.

Dr. Sujata Bhatia

MD, PhD, Harvard University

Mateja Dermastia

CE PoliMaT

Ann Fornof


Rich Gross


Dr. Roya Khalil, FAIP

PhD (Chemical Engineering - Polymers), SPC Ardmona (Food Division of Coca Cola Amatil)

Tim Long

PhD, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Pat Smith

Michigan Molecular Institute

Mike Tolinski

Author of Plastics and Sustainability

John Williams

Sinvestec LLC

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