Separation Science & Chemical Analysis

Cosmetic, petroleum, biomedical, and agricultural products are just a few of the commercial sectors in which chromatography is critical to the research and development cycle. Our catalog for Separation Science & Chemical Analysis currently includes material on Gas Chromatography (GC), High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Mass Spectrometry (MS), and Inductively Couple Plasma (ICP) techniques. This topic area and the hands-on training you will receive is designed for scientists with a solid understanding of chemistry, but may be new to one of these techniques. If you happen to find yourself back in an analytical lab and need to refresh your knowledge of separation or analysis techniques, this offering is right for you. Our previous participants come from a range of backgrounds (e.g., drug development, nutraceuticals, specialty chemicals, consumer products, and food science sectors), and have all greatly advanced their technical knowledge and their careers through Sci-Mind™.

2014 Cohort Dates

Elemental Analysis by ICP - October 13 to November 6
Method Development for Chromatography - November 13 to December 18

Become a Subject Matter Expert

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are a critical part of the Sci-Mind™ experience and the community learning model. Our experts are selected from a variety of industrial and academic sectors. They provide insight and guidance during content development, and offer years of expertise and knowledge via informal interaction with you - the learner. If you are interested in joining our subject matter expert group, please contact the Sci-Mind™ Team.

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