What are Participants Saying About Sci-Mind™?

ACS Sci-Mind™ is different from any learning experience available today. Keeping up with the demands of a changing workforce and staying professionally competitive requires a new approach to professional education that puts career development in the hands of the learner. Our learners have found their Sci-Mind™ experience to be of great value – but don’t just take our word for it. Here is just some of what they have to say about Sci-Mind™…

    The Sci-Mind™ experience was fantastic. I would have loved for it to be a little longer.Elizabeth Onufrey, Scientist II, Forest Laboratories

    My congratulations for delivering an absolutely delightful and informative program.  I can truly say I learned a lot out of not only the instructors but also the colleagues…  I have nothing but praise for this course. I would say my knowledge base went up many fold.Pharmaceutical Company CEO

    I liked this because I could go at my own pace and could just do the [online modules] whenever it was convenient to me. [It] helped me see where I had weakness and where I need to focus more.Ecotoxicologist in agricultural chemicals

    I’m also happy to announce that the knowledge I gained helped me land a job as a lab technician…I definitely feel getting access to the experts gave me an edge in the interview to make me stand out enough to snag the position. – Kevin Daniels, recent graduate

    This course had a lot of value in that there was a range of learning activity types with a good range of content. The “labinar” was especially interesting and interactive!Analytical Chemist working in Process Chemistry & Formulation Development

    Just a little feedback on the whiskey case study:  I thought this was a great experience that really got us all on the same page-it was great to go over our data together and have the experts provide commentary.  This is a definite must-have for future cohorts!Analytical R&D Scientist working for a Pharmaceutical Company

    This was my first experience with on-line training. The mixture of media used, from on-line articles and recorded seminars to live discussions, webinars and labinars, was an extremely effective means to disseminate course content. The ability to interact live with subject matter experts from across the globe provided a rare opportunity to access a large collective wealth of knowledge and experience. The flexibility of using online content allowed me to participate in this course without significant impact to my daily working schedule. It has been a very positive and valuable experience.Christopher Hudalla, Principal Applications Chemist, Waters Corporation (formerly)

    Sci-Mind™ Separation Science Cohort was a great course for me because I was able to apply what I learned in the course directly to my work. During the course, I was able to look at my work and discover ways to improve my use of GC/MS for analysis. I enjoyed learning about the theory of GC because it has been a long time since I studied analytical chemistry in my undergraduate education. The theory material truly helped me to understand each component of GC and also helped me understand what to do when developing a method. I feel more confident and knowledgeable utilizing GC for analyses after taking this course. Thank you to Dr. Polite, all of the SMEs and the Sci-Mind™ team for addressing my questions quickly and caring about my success!Samantha Bashaw, Forensic Toxicologist, DC Metropolitan Police Department

And here are a few “True Stories” from experiences learners have had in the Sci-Mind™ program:

Jennie’s Sci-Mind™ Experience

As a participant in the Sci-Mind™ Separation Science, Jennie was tasked with extracting caffeine from her favorite beverage (tea) using solid phase extraction (SPE) and then separating it via gas chromatography (GC).  Jennie needed to troubleshoot the isolation of caffeine once she completed her analysis.  In a live session, she presented her methods and results to our Sci-Mind™ experts, who identified possible pitfalls and made several suggestions on how to improve her SPE method to ensure caffeine elution, and thus effective separation.

But Jennie’s story didn’t end there. Knowing that she was a teacher, our Sci-Mind™ experts helped her design a lecture lab curriculum to use next semester where her students determine whether quantification of caffeine works better using GCMS or LCMS.  Our Cohort Director offered to send HPLC methods and chromatograms of caffeinated beverages to help students in comparison of results. They also discussed a side project where students could work to identify the numerous antioxidants that were present in tea.

The problem solving environment of Sci-Mindoffered Jennie new knowledge on how to perform a better SPE and how to interpret  natural substances on chromatograms, all of which she can use in her job to enlighten future separation scientists.

Angelica’s Sci-Mind™ Experience

Angelica Andreoli was in a new position at Boron Specialties as an analytical chemist. In her lab sat a HP 5890 that was no longer installed. The machine itself was manufactured in 1985 and she had not been able to locate a manual. At her boss’s direction, she sought out several quotes from companies that could do the installation. During a session with the Sci-Mind™ experts, she wanted to know if there were other companies she should contact.

The Sci-Mind™ experts’ first question was, “Why don’t you install it yourself?” Angelica was taken aback as she’d not even considered this possibility. Several experts assured her that she was completely capable. They offered to personally walk her through it and one expert was even able to locate a manual for the machine. The Sci-Mind™ experts completely eased her concerns about the quality of the machine as well, assuring her that it was a great instrument that would give her great results with less than average maintenance costs.

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