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Sci-Mind™ Features give you a glimpse into how learners engage with our network of experts, interactive content, and practical tools to advance their knowledge. Take a look at our first Feature below and Register now to view all the Sci-Mind™ Features and join the discussion.

In this week’s Sci-Mind™ Feature, find out about the Sci-Mind™ Learning Report – it’s much more than just a certificate of completion. Log in to find out more.

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    Ask the Expert

    In Sci-Mind™, our experts are ready and willing to use their experience to help you apply your new skills to make you better at your job.

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    Learning Report

    In Sci-Mind™, we take the guess work out of the post-course conversation. At the conclusion of the cohort, learners receive a final Learning Report that outlines the content they covered, the skills they mastered and documents their achievements. Find out more about the Learning Report and how it can be customized for your manager in [...]

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    Minamata Case Study

    In the 1950’s in Minamata, Japan, birds were seen falling from the sky and stray cats were keeling over in the streets.  People were experiencing numbness in their hands and their eyesight was diminishing.  Doctors in the area were on the hunt for a killer that could be anywhere. View our interactive Sci-Mind™ case study [...]

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    In this week’s Sci-Mind™ Feature, you get to see a snippet of our interactive GC Method Development Lab – called the Labinar™.  As a Sci-Mind™ learner, you will have expert guidance to walk you through developing a method to analyze an unknown sample. Let us know what other Method Development techniques or questions you would want [...]

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    Real World Case Studies

    Case Studies are a long used educational tool designed to help learners apply what they have already learned to real world problems. As part of the Sci-Mind™ experience, our experts present real world case studies and engage our learners in ways traditional online courses can’t. One issue in postmortem forensics is the effect time has [...]

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    Interactive Content – Gradient Elution

    Online scientific content can be interactive, and dare we say, FUN! Check out this hybrid eLearning module featuring Dr. Lee Polite explaining when and how to use gradient elution. Let us know how you use gradient elution in your lab.

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    Routes of Exposure

    This week’s feature includes a very brief lesson on the routes of exposure. Here you see how Sci-Mind™ learning elements can help you get the information you need quickly and directly. There are regularly news stories about contaminants in food, water, and air. Tell us about which routes of exposure concern you the most?

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    Customized Content

    This week’s feature includes a few quick clips on topics in separation science. It’s an illustration of how we can reorganize and craft content specifically to your needs.

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    Dose Response

    Get interactive with our Sci-Mind™ Expert and a lesson on dose-response.