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Sci-Mind™ Features give you a glimpse into how learners engage with our network of experts, interactive content, and practical tools to advance their knowledge. Take a look at our first Feature below and Register now to view all the Sci-Mind™ Features and join the discussion.

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    What exactly is ACS Sci-Mind™?

    Check out this week’s ACS Sci-Mind™ Feature to discover how Sci-Mind™ learners get access to great experts to help them solve real problems and understand new concepts. This is your chance to get a free preview of the kinds of opportunities available to Sci-Mind™ learners in our featured topic areas Separation Science and Chemical Analysis, Toxicology for the […]

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  • Learner's Perspective

    How Can ACS Sci-Mind Help you? A Learners Perspective.

    In this week’s ACS Sci-MindTM Feature hear directly from one of our Learners about how her experience in the program and with our experts had an immediate and positive impact on her career.

  • What is a Biopolymer

    What exactly is a Biopolymer??? Our Experts Weigh In.

    The field of Biopolymers is growing rapidly – and with that growth comes renewed debate on what exactly constitutes a biopolymer. In Sci-Mind™ Biopolymers, we bring together experts from different backgrounds and opinions to help participants stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the field. Hear what they have to say, and weigh in yourself, […]

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    ACS Sci-Mind – A SME’s Point of View

    In this week’s ACS Sci-MindTM Feature, meet Pam Spencer, Associate Director of Toxicology & Environmental Research & Consulting at The Dow Chemical Company and a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in our Toxicology for the Scientist topic area. Find out a little about toxicology, why she loves her job, and what she thinks about training and Sci-MindTM.

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    A Virtual, Hands-On Experience

    In this week’s ACS Sci-MindTM Feature, see how we put learners in the driver’s seat. Watch as Dr. Lee Polite leads a live, virtual lab session allowing cohort participants to see how their real-time input changes the results. Hands-on training at its best!