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Laboratory Safety

Explore the fundamental topics necessary to maintain safety and regulatory compliance in chemical laboratories.

Houston, TX
Dec 02 - Dec 03, 2020
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About the Course

Learn about practical, current regulatory measures for the prevention of accidents, incidents, or chemical exposures that could result in adverse effects on health, injuries, fire, property loss or interference with laboratory operations. It includes the OSHA training requirements for Chemical Hygiene Officers.

Special Instructions:

Registrants are invited to bring case histories, problem descriptions, and safety program material for evaluation and discussion.    

What You Will Learn

  • Maintain safe and regulatory compliant laboratories.
  • Develop an OSHA-compliant chemical hygiene plan.
  • Understand and provide guidance on many topics of laboratory safety.
  • Prepare to be a Chemical Hygiene Officer (CHO) and take the CHO certification exam.    

Who Should Attend

Laboratory employees in need of fundamental laboratory health and safety training (including managers, supervisors, scientists, and technical assistants).

Full- or part-time Chemical Hygiene Officers (CHOs), safety, health, industrial hygiene personnel, inspectors, team leaders, trainers, and those who are accountable for similar laboratory safety and health activities.

Course Outline

  • Major Topics

    1. Introduction and Regulations
    2. Chemical Hygiene Plan
    3. Hazard Identification and Control
    4. Laboratory Ventilation
    5. Chemical Storage, Time Sensitive Chemicals, Controlled Substances, and Explosives
    6. Labeling, Transportation, and Safety Data Sheets
    7. Flammable Liquids, Compressed Gases, and Cryogenics
    8. Electrical Devices
    9. Laboratory Waste
    10. Auditing and Inspections
    11. Emergency Response
    12. References

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In Person

Dec 02 - Dec 03, 2020

LSC University Park - Lone Star Corporate College
20515 State Highway 249
Houston, TX 77070

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Course Times: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM; Check-in starts at 7:45 AM on the first day of the course. Course fee includes a course manual and continental breakfast each day. *Early Bird pricing ends four (4) weeks before the start date of the course.

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About the Instructor(s)

Christopher E Kohler

Laboratory Safety Manager, Indiana University

Chris Kohler is the Laboratory Safety Manager for Indiana University. He has been a Certified Chemical Hygiene Officer since 2001.

Houston, TX
Dec 02 - Dec 03, 2020
Prices start at
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