Alan M. Lyons

    February 5, 2019Dr. Alan Lyons is Professor of Chemistry at the City University of New York. He is the co-founder and CTO of ARL Designs LLC, a small business that develops high performance, low-cost superhydrophobic surfaces.  READ MORE »

    Ann Newman

    February 5, 2019Dr. Ann Newman is currently a pharmaceutical consultant at Seventh Street Development Group with more than 20 years of large pharma and contract research experience. She teaches Polymorphism in Organic/Pharmaceutical Systems.  READ MORE »

    Barbara D. Mowery

    February 14, 2019Barbara Mowery is Professor Emeritus, Thomas Nelson Community College (Hampton VA), where she developed a “Writing to Learn Chemistry” component for lower division courses.  READ MORE »

    Barry M. Weinstein

    February 5, 2019Barry M. Weinstein is the President of Barry M. Weinstein & Associates, a consulting firm providing project management, product development, process engineering, and statistical quality control support for the food and personal care product industries  READ MORE »

    Brian C. Smith

    February 5, 2019Brian C. Smith, Ph.D., is founder and Principal of Spectros Associates.  READ MORE »

    Bruce Winchell

    February 5, 2019Bruce Winchell is a Certified Licensing Professional licensed to practice law in Ohio, Tennessee, U.S. Patent Office and Canadian Patent Office. He has significant experience in Intellectual Property law in large companies and DOE National Laboratories.  READ MORE »

    Bryan H. Norman

    February 6, 2019Bryan H. Norman is an experienced drug hunter with >25 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry as a medicinal chemist. Additionally, he has significant cross functional drug discovery experience and expertise in additional disciplines, such as biomarkers, pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) relationships, mechanisms of drug metabolism and toxicology. He has specific expertise in the mechanisms and mitigation strategies to avoid drug-induced liver injury (DILI). Over the years, Bryan's scientific leadership has resulted in the delivery of many novel clinical candidates for a range of therapeutic indications. He is currently a drug discovery consultant and short course instructor.  READ MORE »

    Carl E. Heltzel

    February 5, 2019Dr. Carl E. Heltzel has more than 20 years of experience teaching college chemistry courses; he was the Monroe Moosnick Professor of Chemistry at Transylvania University.  READ MORE »

    Christopher E Kohler

    February 5, 2019Chris Kohler is the Laboratory Safety Manager for Indiana University. He has been a Certified Chemical Hygiene Officer since 2001.  READ MORE »

    David E. Gootnick

    February 5, 2019Dr. David E. Gootnick is Managing Partner and Director of DAVID GOOTNICK ASSOCIATES, a New York-based management consulting firm, specializing in leadership development of scientists and engineers within technical organizations.  READ MORE »

    Dennis Anderson

    February 5, 2019Dennis Anderson retired from Akzo Nobel Surfactants America following a 40+-year career as an industrial analytical chemist.  READ MORE »

    Devin Peterson

    February 5, 2019Devin Peterson is professor of chemistry at The Ohio State University and Director of the Flavor Research and Education Center.  READ MORE »

    Gary Reineccius

    February 5, 2019Gary Reineccius is professor in the Department of Food Science at the University of Minnesota  READ MORE »

    Gideon Samid

    February 5, 2019Dr. Gideon Samid is a chemical and a nuclear engineer specializing in bench-to-production process, estimating the effort to achieve an R&D objective, and mathematical engineering applications.  READ MORE »

    Gregory S. Walker

    February 5, 2019Gregory S. Walker is an Associate Research Fellow at Pfizer Inc. and a recognized expert in the structural elucidation of metabolites.  READ MORE »

    Ian Morrison

    February 5, 2019Dr. Ian Morrison is President of Owen Research, a Lecturer at Harvard University, Adjunct Prof. at Georgetown University, and Director of Corporation Relations for the Soft Matter Institute at Georgetown University.  READ MORE »

    Joel R. Fried

    February 5, 2019Dr. Joel Fried is Professor and Chair, Chemical Engineering, University of Louisville. He is the author of Polymer Science and Technology, 3rd edition, 2014, Prentice Hall.  READ MORE »

    John B. Matson

    February 5, 2019Dr. John B. Matson, Assistant Professor, is a faculty member in the Department of Chemistry at Virginia Tech University.  READ MORE »

    Judy Riffle

    February 5, 2019Dr. Judy Riffle is professor of chemistry at Virginia Tech University.  READ MORE »

    Kathleen Farley

    February 5, 2019Kathleen Farley serves as Senior Principal Scientist in the R&D division at Pfizer Inc. She has over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.  READ MORE »

    Kim Huynh-Ba

    February 8, 2019Kim Huynh-Ba is the Managing Director of Pharmalytik, a consulting and training organization. She has almost 30-yr experience in Quality systems, strategic drug development, and stability sciences. She is a Council of Expert of US Pharmacopeia, where she chairs the Chemical Medicines IV expert committee. She is also a member of the USP Organic Impurities of Drug Products Expert Panel. She is an Adjunct Professor at Temple University-School of Pharmacy and Illinois Institute of Technology, where she teaches Quality Audit, GMPs, ICH quality guidelines, and Pharmaceutical Analysis. She is the editor of the two well-known stability handbooks and is completing a new manuscript entitled “Analytical chemistry: A handbook of Pharmaceutical GMP Laboratories.”  READ MORE »

    Lee N. Polite

    February 13, 2019Dr. Lee N. Polite is the president and founder of Axion Analytical Labs, Inc. He has taught chromatography to customers from every major pharmaceutical, chemical, and petroleum company in the U.S.  READ MORE »

    Marek W. Urban

    February 5, 2019Dr. Marek W. Urban is Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Clemson University. He has years of research and teaching experience in polymers and coatings.  READ MORE »

    Masha Petrova

    February 5, 2019Dr. Masha Petrova is founder and CEO of MVP Consulting Solutions, a company focused on bridging the gap between technical experts, marketing and sales, and customers. She received her Ph.D. in combustion chemistry from the University of California, San Diego.  READ MORE »

    Michael J. Bortner

    February 5, 2019Michael J. Bortner is a faculty member in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Virginia Tech University. He has a decade of industry experience working in polymer and composite materials and process development.  READ MORE »

    Michael W. Dong

    February 5, 2019Dr. Michael W. Dong is a principal consultant at MWD Consulting, focusing on consulting and training services on HPLC/UHPLC, pharmaceutical analysis, and drug quality.  READ MORE »

    Mike Lee

    February 5, 2019Dr. Mike S. Lee is a biotechnology entrepreneur and Founder and President of Milestone Development Services. Dr. Lee has more than 30 years of pharmaceutical industry experience.  READ MORE »

    Paul Helquist

    February 5, 2019Dr. Paul Helquist is Professor of Chemistry and Associate Chair at the University of Notre Dame. He specializes in synthetic organic chemistry has and has more than 180 publications and patents.  READ MORE »

    Philip Leber

    February 5, 2019Dr. Philip Leber provides services to clients (industry, labs) in test design, chemical exposure evaluations, environmental impacts, and occupational safety. For many years, Dr. Leber has presented an ecological toxicity class and a general toxicity course for the American Chemical Society.  READ MORE »

    Richard Kramer

    February 5, 2019Richard Kramer is President of Applied Chemometrics, Inc. He specializes in the application of multivariate analytical instrumentation and chemometrics for medical diagnostics, food safety, product authentication, and process monitoring and control.  READ MORE »

    Robert B. Moore

    February 5, 2019Dr. Robert B. Moore is Professor of Chemistry at Virginia Tech University. He has more than 26 years of academic experience in the field of polymer physical chemistry.  READ MORE »

    Robert Migliorini

    February 5, 2019Robert Migliorini is an in-house patent attorney and teaches Patent Law Fundamentals.  READ MORE »

    Roger R. Conrad

    February 5, 2019Roger Conrad, CSP, CCHO, served as Senior Principal Safety Specialist for 37 years with Air Products & Chemicals. In that capacity, he provided laboratory safety training and conducted safety audits internationally.  READ MORE »

    Stanley N. Deming

    February 5, 2019Stanley Deming is Professor Emeritus at the University of Houston, Texas. He is President of Statistical Designs, through which he offers consulting in experimental design, optimization, and statistical analysis.  READ MORE »

    Stephen L. Morgan

    February 5, 2019Stephen L. Morgan is a Professor of Chemistry at the University of South Carolina. His research involves chemometrics and statistics, forensic analytical chemistry, spectroscopy and separations.  READ MORE »

    Terry Kenakin

    February 5, 2019Dr. Terry Kenakin is Professor of Pharmacology at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. He is the author of 11 books on Pharmacology.  READ MORE »

    Timothy E. Long

    February 5, 2019Timothy Long is a faculty member in Virginia Tech’s Department of Chemistry and serves as the Director of Macromolecules and Interfaces Institute (MII). He spent nearly a decade as a research scientist at Eastman Kodak Company.  READ MORE »

    Todd M. Przybycien

    February 5, 2019Todd M. Przybycien, Ph.D., is Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  READ MORE »

    Valerie Patrick

    February 5, 2019Dr. Valerie Patrick, President of Fulcrum Connection LLC, is a consultant, trainer, and speaker with 25 years of corporate experience.  READ MORE »

    Vance Jaeger

    February 8, 2019Dr. Vance Jaeger is Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Louisville. His research has been featured in several high-impact journals including JACS, Angewandte Chemie, Biophysical Journal, and Applied Catalysis B. He is the instructor of courses in computer applications, computational chemistry, molecular simulation, and engineering design.  READ MORE »