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Beaker to Barrel: Innovation Management

Learn how to address the risks and threats that can inhibit innovation.

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About the Course

Innovation intensive undertakings require a special focus on the larger pockets of uncertainty that may doom the prospects of success. By acquiring the essential know-how of chemical engineering, the research chemist is prepared to analyze his project as a whole and to successfully identify and rank-order the pockets of uncertainty that constitute a threat for his project. In this short overview talk, we address the question of how to identify, measure, monitor, and rationally tackle, reduce and eventually eliminate these pockets. We equate uncertainly with risk and with innovation work-load. We describe how to use cost uncertainty as a metric for risk, on one hand, and as a means to quantify innovation work-load on the other hand. We outline the latest protocols for a success innovation project – so fundamentally different from a minimum-innovation project – however expensive, however durable. We run through the “Try Again” Network, which offers an innovation map to capture, describe, and prosecute the innovation challenges ahead.

  • identifying uncertainty
  • quantifying risk
  • mapping out innovation projects

What You Will Learn

  • Measure innovation progress.
  • Budget time and money to improve your bang for the buck.
  • Plan innovation projects, and how to present such planning in your innovation proposal to better your prospects for funding.

Who Should Attend

Research and development chemists, seeking to improve their skills in moving their innovative chemical ideas into industrial reality.

Course Outline

  • Topics

    • Defining uncertainty
    • Identifying and quantifying risk
    • Project planning

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About the Instructor(s)

Gideon Samid

Dr. Gideon Samid is a chemical and a nuclear engineer specializing in bench-to-production process, estimating the effort to achieve an R&D objective, and mathematical engineering applications.

On Demand
1 Module
Prices start at
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