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Beaker to Barrel: Chemical Engineering for Chemists

Learn chemical engineering principles to advance your bench-grade processes.

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About the Course

Learn how to apply chemical engineering knowledge to further your bench-grade process and understand important chemical engineering principles including thermodynamics, material balance, reactor design, and more.

This course will be useful for those who need to negotiate and interact with chemical engineers and who need to appraise the industrial feasibility of their newly-conceived chemical process.

  • Material balance, transport phenomenon, thermodynamics, and process control
  • Cost engineering
  •  The chemical engineering design process

What You Will Learn

  • How to apply chemical engineering knowledge to further your bench-grade process: design a pilot, and participate in the design of a full scale layout.
  • Important chemical engineering principles–including thermodynamics, material balance, reactor design, separation processes, heat exchangers, scale-up techniques, pilot design, and simulation.
  • How to appraise the feasibility of a newly-formulated chemical process, estimate the cost of design, and construction of a pilot level and full-scale facility for your newly invented or modified chemical process.
  • How to negotiate with chemical engineers, oversee their design, and get the maximum benefit from their services.

Who Should Attend

Scientific professionals who wish to scale-up their bench process, build a pilot, and participate in designing a full-scale production line.

Course Outline

  • Theory

    • Material balance
    • Transport phenomenon
    • Thermodynamics
    • Process control
    • Cost engineering
  • Conceptual cost estimation

    • VRM (Validity Resolution Methodology)
    • KRM (Knowledge Realization Methodology)
    • BiPSA (Binary Polling Scenario Analysis)
  • Practice

    • Getting materials together
    • Reactor-mixer design
    • Separating materials from each other
    • Solid state separations
    • Liquid state separations
    • Distillation
    • Gaseous state separations
    • Multi-phase separation
  • Changing appearance of materials

    • Evaporation/sublimation
    • Crystallization/solidification
    • Storing materials
    • Transporting Materials
    • The chemical engineering design process
    • Chemical engineering activity range

Dates, Locations, and Prices

Five for four! Register five people for one course, one person for five courses, or any combination in between and your fifth registration is free. The free registration will be the course of the lowest price. Please note: This discount cannot be combined with any other discount offered. 

Each person attending must register individually for this course.

Course fee includes electronic access to the course materials and session recordings. 

About the Instructor(s)

Gideon Samid

Dr. Gideon Samid is a chemical and a nuclear engineer specializing in bench-to-production process, estimating the effort to achieve an R&D objective, and mathematical engineering applications.

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