Onsite Training

Did you know…?

We can bring ACS Professional Education courses directly to you and your colleagues – in either online sessions or in group classroom settings at your company’s locations? And we can tune and customize coursework and content to meet your specific needs?

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Partnering with ACS to augment your career development and professional education strategy helps you align your company’s lifelong learning philosophy and overall training strategy by helping to provide you with:

  • Consistency – Group based training provides a consistent learning experience to ensure your team’s success.
  • Lower costs – Bringing onsite course work to your organization can significantly reduce both travel and training expenses. We can deliver many concerted courses live onsite, coupled with simultaneous online delivery to further expand the learning environment.
  • ACS Expertise – Network and learn best practices from a distinguished instructor who is one of the best in their field. 97% of our customers are highly satisfied with our instructors.  Plus, you’ll have pre-course access to your ACS instructor to further define your learners’ needs
  • Collaborative, Customized Learning –  The ACS learning team will work with you to design course and curriculum work to meet your specific needs. By bringing together group based training, coursework tailored to your learners’ needs, and ACS expertise, you get a powerful synergistic learning effect that pays off both now and over the long term.
  • Sharable – Establishing a community learning environment helps your organization extend the ACS learning experience beyond coursework. We can work with you to build an internal knowledge sharing network that helps you initiate, facilitate and collaborate. This approach broadens the learning landscape and amplifies learner engagement throughout your organization.

The ACS Professional Education team, in concert with our staff of professional instructors can build out and “tune” any of our popular public courses to become the powerful training solution that your groups can use to gain a competitive edge in research, innovation and production.  Plus, it’s a great way to provide both baseline training and assessments as well as a refresher on core competencies for your team.

Past customers have included:

  • Top 25 Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Oil & Gas Companies
  • US Government and State Agencies
  • Small and mid-sized companies looking to gain an edge on their competition

For more information and help with a review of your professional education needs for your team, contact us at proed@acs.org.