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Pharmacokinetics for Chemists in Drug Discovery and Development

Learn the concepts and tools required to make molecules suitable to be drug candidates.

About the Course

Discover concepts and tools required to make molecules suitable to be drug candidates (i.e., be absorbed, distribute throughout the body, be present to produce effect, and cause no harm).

Key topics include:

  • Drug-like properties of molecules
  • Absorption (IV, oral, other routes)
  • Volume of distribution
  • Metabolism (hepatic assays, clearance)
  • Excretion (renal clearance)
  • In vivo PK (PK-PD models, allometric scaling)
  • Drug-drug interactions (hepatic, non linear PK)
  • Candidacy for human studies

What You Will Learn

  • Understand major concepts of clearance and volume of distribution
  • Understand PK in general (ADME), terminology, tools
  • Utilize medicinal chemistry to make molecules ADME friendly
  • Know the many inexpensive, simple in vitro assays (how to use them, what they give you)
  • Know mechanisms of drug-drug interactions, FDA requirements

Who Should Attend

  • Medicinal and synthetic organic chemists
  • Biologists involved in drug development
  • Any scientist involved in the process of drug discovery, production, and approval

Course Outline

  • Major Topics

    • Drug-like character (physicochemical properties of drugs, in silico techniques, solubility, LogP)
    • General concepts of Pharmacokinetics/course sources
    • Absorption (advantages of different routes, permeation assays, transporter interactions)
    • Plasma Protein Binding (significance, methods to measure, utilization of PPB data)
    • Volume of distribution (utilization to estimate drug distribution throughout the body)
    • Hepatic metabolism (what can the liver do to your molecule?)
    • Estimating hepatic clearance from in vitro hepatic assays
    • Hepatic drug-drug interactions (what can your molecule do to the liver?)
    • Renal Clearance (excretion, transporter effects)
    • In vivo PK (putting it all together)
    • Whole body drug-drug interactions, non-linear PK
    • Case histories

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About the Instructor(s)

Terry Kenakin

Professor, University of North Carolina School of Medicine

Dr. Terry Kenakin is Professor of Pharmacology at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. He is the author of 11 books on Pharmacology.

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