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Project Management for Technical Professionals

Learn the skills to be more successful in planning and managing cross-functional project teams.

About the Course

Become more successful in planning and managing cross-functional project teams. You’ll learn:

  • The art and science involved in running successful cross-functional project teams.
  • How to determine project goals and objectives.
  • The three key measurement criteria and how to apply them.
  • How to conduct go/no-go gate reviews.
  • Ways to document organizational learning.

What You Will Learn

  • Become familiar with the planning activities required for successful team projects.
  • Understand key aspects of executing a team project.
  • Learn key ways to successfully make the transition from your former job to a project management position.
  • Know how to apply cost, schedule, and performance when planning and managing team projects.
  • Be able to construct different types of project teams.

Who Should Attend

R&D professionals with little or no experience in managing projects and work teams.

Experienced managers seeking new insights.

Anyone responsible for conducting cross-functioning work teams and delivering cost, schedule, and performance results for a variety of products.

Course Outline

  • Class Topics

    • Introduction and Review of Participant Project Experiences
    • Establishing the Relationships Among Project Sponsors, Project Managers, and Task Leaders – Defining project targets, goals, and objectives; criteria for manageable objectives; yardsticks to measure project progress; class exercise in creating manageable objectives.
    • Team Structure Models – The purpose of project teams; the variable role of the project manager in three project models; purpose and development of core teams; creating team support structures.
    • Developing the Project Plan – Role of the project leader; including measurable milestones (gates); task assignment vs. delegation; class exercise in project plan development. The Project Plan Review Cycle-buy-in and ownership; approval and revision; class exercise in plan ownership.
    • The Four Key Reports – Agendas; minutes; status reports; corrective actions.
    • Gates (Milestones) – Reporting progress; promotion to the next stage; class exercise in reviewing project gates.
    • Project Conclusion and the Exit Report – What was delivered; recommendations for improvements; items to avoid; individual vs. organizational learning.

Dates, Locations, and Prices

Five for four! Register five people for one course, one person for five courses, or any combination in between and your fifth registration is free. The free registration will be the course of the lowest price. Please note: This discount cannot be combined with any other discount offered. 

About the Instructor(s)

Barry M Weinstein

President, Barry M. Weinstein & Associates

Barry M. Weinstein is the President of Barry M. Weinstein & Associates, a consulting firm providing project management, product development, process engineering, and statistical quality control support for the food and personal care product industries