Richard Kramer, President, Applied Chemometrics

Mr. Richard Kramer is President of Applied Chemometrics, Inc, a comprehensive supplier of chemometrics consulting, training, software, and support.

Mr. Kramer has some 35 years of experience in the application of multivariate analytical instrumentation and chemometrics for medical diagnostics, food safety, product authentication, and process monitoring and control. He is actively involved in writing and reviewing standards as a contributing member of ASTM committees E13.11 on Multivariate Analysis and E55 on PAT.

Mr. Kramer is the author of Chemometric Techniques for Quantitative Analysis, which is widely regarded as one of the most helpful print resources for people entering the field. It has been cited more than 750 times. He is the author of the Chemometrics Toolbox software for use with MATLAB, which was introduced by the MathWorks in 1987.

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