Philip Leber, Owner, Tox&Ecotox Consulting

Dr. Philip Leber provides services to clients (industry, labs) in test design, chemical exposure evaluations, environmental impacts, and occupational safety.  For many years, Dr. Leber has presented an ecological toxicity class and a general toxicity course for the American Chemical Society. 

Dr. Leber’s career has included employment at Battelle Labs, PPG Chemicals, Goodyear Tire & Rubber, Lubrizol Corporation, and Kent State University School of Public Health. He has taught in many venues and topics (general toxicology, ecological fate, and risk assessment to students in public health, government agencies, and other active professionals). 

Professionally, Dr. Leber’s experience includes projects that assessed toxicological and ecological behavior of pesticides, solvents, antioxidants, monomers/polymers, food additives, heavy metals, and aromatic hydrocarbons, many of which exhibit PBT, carcinogenic, and reproductive toxic properties. In executing these evaluations, he collaborated with research laboratories in Europe, Japan, Canada, and the US. 

Dr. Leber directed scientific evaluations of chemicals that were initially considered PBT and those that induced animal tumors, ultimately showing these substances posed no human cancer or environmental risks. Dr. Leber has served as expert on regulatory issues (water/air standards, TSCA, waste site safety, and chemical cancer classifications), and worked with clients on pesticide registrations, toxic torts, and FDA food safety matters. 

Dr. Leber has been a member of the Society of Toxicology, the Society of Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry, and the American Chemical Society. He has published in journals and books, and has been co-sponsor of multiple presentations at professional meetings.

Dr. Leber earned his B.S. in Chemistry from UCDavis; his M.S. and Ph.D. in Toxicology/Pharmacology from Purdue  University; and was certified as diplomate in General Toxicology by the American Board of Toxicology.

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