Gary Reineccius, Professor, University of Minnesota

Dr. Gary Reineccius, Ph.D., has been actively involved in flavor research for more than 46 years. His greatest interest currently lies in flavor encapsulation, emulsions and flavoromics (chemometrics as applied to flavor chemistry).

Dr. Reineccius has published over 230 research articles, spent sabbatical leaves with Fritzsche Dodge and Olcott (New York, flavor creation and production), Nestle (Switzerland, process flavors) and Robertet S.A. (France, taste modifiers and manufacturing), and taught formal courses in Food Chemistry, Food Analysis, Food Processing I and II, Current Issues, Flavor Technology, and Flavor Chemistry.

There are few areas related to food flavors that Dr. Reineccius has not conducted research on. He follows the needs of the industry, which have evolved over time.

Dr. Reineccius is the longest tenured faculty member in the Dept. of Food Science and Nutrition at University of Minnesota – Twin Cities.

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