Marek W. Urban, Professor, Clemson University

Dr. Marek W. Urban serves as Endowed Chair at the J.E. Sirrine Foundation and Professor at Clemson University, Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

Previously, Dr. Urban directed the NSF Materials Research Science and Engineering Center on Stimuli-Responsive Polymeric Films and Coatings and the Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (I/U CRC) in Coatings. He has years of research and teaching experience in polymers and coatings, including faculty positions at North Dakota State and University of Southern Mississippi. He has been an instructor with the American Chemical Society for over 10 years.

Dr. Urban speaks at national and international conferences; has been published in more than 300 publications; is the author of three books and several patents; and edited seven American Chemical Society Advances in Chemistry Series books and the Wiley Handbook on Stimuli-Responsive Materials. He chaired the Gordon Research Conferences and is the recipient of numerous awards.

Dr. Urban’s research on antimicrobial polymers and self-repairing polymeric coatings have been featured by numerous media outlets, including New York Times, BBC, NBC, USA Today, Yahoo, and many others.

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