Bruce Winchell, President and CEO, WIN PARTNERS LLC

Mr. Bruce Winchell is a Certified Licensing Professional, and licensed to practice law in Ohio, Tennessee, the U.S. Patent Office, and the Canadian Patent Office.

Mr. Winchell has significant experience in Intellectual Property law in large companies and DOE National Laboratories. He has been teaching this topic on a regular basis since 2007.

Bruce has worked as a lawyer for 32 years for elements of Lockheed Martin Corporation. His assignments included:

  • Senior Counsel at Sandia National Laboratories, operated by a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin Corporation under contract from DOE/NNSA
  • Director Project Development & Business Assistance for Technology Ventures Corporation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation founded and funded by Lockheed Martin Corporation as part of the technology transfer program for Sandia National Laboratories
  • Assistant General Counsel to Lockheed Martin Corporation headquarters staff
  • General Patent Counsel at Oak Ridge National Laboratory while operated by a subsidiary of Martin Marietta Corporation
  • Director, Patents, Legal and Technical Center Services for Master Builders division of Martin Marietta Corporation.

Prior to this, Mr. Winchell worked as Assistant Secretary and Patent Counsel for Lamson & Sessions Company; Patent Counsel for Diamond Shamrock Corporation; and Associate at a large patent law firm.

Mr. Winchell has numerous publications, including articles in The National Journal of Technology Commercialization, Innovation Magazine, and more. 

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